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Span length.
Live load.
Select a standard double tee section.
Select a strand pattern.
Calculate dynamic strength of materials.
Design flange for given blast load using procedures
given in NAVFAC P-397, considering flange a one way slab.
Design flange for rebound load.
Calculate section properties of double tee section.
Calculate the average stress in prestressing strand from
Equations (145) thru (148).
Determine flexural capacity of section.
Using Table 5, find the ultimate resistance of section.
(10) Find equivalent elastic stiffness using equations of
Table 7.
(11) Using the load-mass factor found in Table 10, calculate
the effective mass.
(12) Calculate natural period of vibration.
(13) Using Figure 6-7 of NAVFAC P-397, determine response of
section.  Section must remain elastic (Xm/XE
< /= 1.0).  If it does not, steps 1 through 13 must be
(14) Check that steel ratios are less than that permitted by
Equation (149) or (150).
(15) Design section for rebound.
(16) Design shear reinforcement in accordance with provisions
of Section 3.
(17) Check if section is adequate for service loads using PCI
design handbook and ACI code.  (Not shown in this
Equivalent pressure-time curve is shown in Figure 69a.


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