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(3) Calculate the design plastic moment, Mp, of the plate.
(4) Calculate the flexural rigidity of the plate.
(5) Calculate the elastic stiffness of the plate.
(6) Calculate the ultimate unit resistance of the plate.
(7) Calculate the equivalent elastic deflection, XE, of the
plate as given by XE = ru/KE
(8) Determine the load-mass factor, KLM, and compute the
effective unit mass, me.
(9) Compute the natural period of vibration, TN.
(10) Determine the door response using the values of B/ru
and T/TN using Figure 6-7 of NAVFAC P-397 to determine
the values of Xm/XE and [theta].  Compare with design
criteria of Step 1.  If these requirements are not
satisfied, select another thickness and repeat Steps 1
to 10.
(11) Determine the resistance of the door in the rebound phase.
To do this, the hinge and bolt configurations have to be
(1) Pressure-time loading as shown in Figure 74a.
(2) Design criteria:
[mu]max = 5 and
[theta]max = 2deg., whichever governs.
(3) Structural configuration as shown in Figure 74b.
(4) Steel properties:
ASTM A441 Grade 42
Fy = 42 ksi
Dynamic increase factor, c = 1.1


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