Quantcast Hose (Garden and Soaker)

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Teknor Apex Company
Aquapore Moisture Systems, Inc.
610 South 80th Avenue
505 Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85043
Pawtucket, RI 02861
Contact: Mark Wolf
Contact: Customer Service
Phone: 800 635-8379
Phone: 401 725-8000
Fax: 602 936-9040
Fax: 401 725-8095
Approximately 65 percent recovered industrial
Garden and soaker hoses containing at least 65
PVC scrap.
percent (by volume) postconsumer tires and virgin
Colorite Plastics Company
101 Railroad Avenue
Ridgefield, NY 07657
Contact: Tony Santolla, Irvin Keck
Phone: 201 941-2900
Fax: 201 941-0308
Garden and soaker hoses from varying percentages
of postconsumer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or tires.
Dayco Swan Company
201 Beal Avenue, East
Bucyrus, OH 44820
Contact: Len Horst
Phone: 419 562-1011
Fax: 419 562-5866
Residential garden hose containing 60 percent
postconsumer scrap from wire and cable insulation,
fatigue matting, and traffic cones, and 40 percent
virgin PVC.


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