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A. Materials in Solid Waste
In the proposed rule, EPA included a discussion of the materials found in solid waste
(see 59 FR 18854-18856). EPA received one set of substantive comments on this discussion
and has incorporated the commenter's information into this section of the document. In
addition, the Agency has updated the data in this section to reflect those published in
`Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: 1994 Update," (EPA530-
R-94-042) and other information, sources. As discussed in section II.E of this document,
RCRA section 6002 provides criteria for EPA to consider when selecting items for
designation. One of these criteria is the impact of procurement of the item on the solid
waste stream. EPA's designation of an item should promote the statute's underlying
objective of using the stimulus of government procurement to foster markets for items
containing materials recovered or diverted from solid waste. Consistent with this objective,
each of the items that EPA designates is made with one or more materials recovered or
diverted from solid waste. This subsection briefly discusses these materials and, where
applicable, alternative uses for them.
Generally, solid waste has several components, such as municipal solid waste,
construction and demolition debris, and non-hazardous industrial waste. EPA issues a
biennial report characterizing the generation and recovery of municipal solid waste in the
United States. Similar national characterizations of the other components of non-hazardous


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