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c. Certifications. One commenter requested that EPA include a recommendation that
procuring agencies, in complying with the certification requirement of RCRA section
6002(c)(3)(A), require that vendors submit certifications when offers are submitted.
Although EPA included such a recommendation in the preamble to the building
insulation guideline (54 FR 7351, February 17, 1989), the Agency now believes that it is
appropriate to leave the decision of when to obtain certifications from vendors to the
individual procuring agencies. Obtaining certifications are a standard part of procurement,
and contracting officers are in the best position to determine at what points in their
acquisition processes certifications are needed.
To organize the designated items, EPA developed the following product categories:
paper and paper products, vehicular products, construction products, transportation products,
park and recreation products, landscaping products, non-paper office products, and
miscellaneous products. The categories were developed to describe the application of each
designated item..
Paper and Office Paper Products - as defined in 40 CFR 247.3 (old 40 CFR
250.4(aa)). This category excludes paper and paper products used in
construction applications.
Vehicular Products - products used in repairing and maintaining automobiles,
trucks, and other vehicles. Examples of vehicular products include lubricants,
bumpers, mud flaps, and engine coolant.
Construction Products - products used in constructing roads and the interior
and exterior components of commercial and residential buildings.
Transportation Products - products used for directing traffic, alerting drivers,
and containing roadway noise and pollution. Examples of transportation
products include safety cones, traffic signs, and sound barriers.
Park and Recreation Products - products used in operating and maintaining
parks and recreational areas. Examples of perk and recreation products
include playground equipment and running backs.
Landscaping Products - products used to contain, maintain, or enhance
decorative and protective vegetation or areas surrounding buildings and
roadways. Examples of landscaping products include compost, garden
implements, and landscape timbers.


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