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appropriated Federal funds to purchase, temporary traffic control devices. The Federal
government represents a large share of the market for traffic control devices, including
traffic cones and barricades. State highway departments use monies from the Federal
Highway Trust Fund to complete major construction and renovation projects, in which the
use of traffic control devices is extensive. Other major users of traffic control devices
include the Department of Transportation, Army Corps of Engineers, and Department of
4. Designation
In 40 CFR 247.13, EPA is designating two types of temporary traffic control devices
used in controlling or restricting vehicular traffic -- traffic cones and traffic barricades.
A. Playground Surfaces and Running Tracks
1. Background
In the CPG, EPA proposed designating playground surfaces and running tracks
containing recovered rubber or plastic (see 59 FR 18876).
a. Playground surfaces. EPA has identified 20 manufacturers/distributors of
playground surfaces made with recovered materials. These companies offer products made
of postconsumer rubber derived from old tires. Three of these companies use other
recovered materials as well, including blends of rubber/asphalt, rubber/compost, and,
rubber/PVC. One of these companies also makes playground surfaces containing
postconsumer PVC.
Playground surfaces made of rubber are often more desirable than other surfacing
materials, such as wood chips, sand, and asphalt, because they can provide more cushioning,
reduce injuries and abrasions, and may be safer for children.
b. Running tracks. Some of the companies that make playground surfaces also make
running tracks containing postconsumer tire rubber. Prior to issuance of the proposed CPG,
EPA obtained information from four of these companies, which indicated that they offer
running tracksmade of high percentages of postconsumer rubber. Some of the companies
use either a layer of virgin resin to provide added spike resistance, or small percentages of
preconsumer recovered rubber for coloring. One of these companies constructed the 1984
Olympic running tracks with recovered materials, and has constructed running tracks for
universities, schools, and state governments.


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