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According to the information available to EPA; there are no national or Federal
specifications that preclude the use of recovered materials in the manufacture of office
recycling containers and office waste receptacles. In lieu of referencing national or Federal
specifications, procuring agencies usually incorporate recovered materials content
requirements into their solicitation or contract documents When purchasing these products.
c. Impact of government procurement. Government agencies purchase, or use
appropriated Federal funds to purchase, office recycling containers and office waste
receptacles. EPA does not have specific data on the number of office recycling containers
and office waste receptacles procured by government agencies, although EPA expects that the
quantities are significant. Thus, the Agency believes that these items are procured in
sufficient quantities to support the designation of these items.
4. Designation
In 40 CFR 247.16(a), EPA is designating office recycling containers and office waste
receptacles made from plastic, paper, and steel, as items that are or can be made with
recovered materials. This designation includes all indoor receptacles used for the collection
and transport of waste and/or recovered materials, such as deskside containers, centralized
containers, and other containers for collecting and transporting waste and/or recyclables, and
other items as determined by the procuring agency. This designation does not preclude a
procuring agency from purchasing containers or receptacles manufactured using other
materials, such as wood. It simply requires that a procuring agency, when purchasing office
recycling containers or office waste receptacles manufactured from plastic, paper, or steel,
purchase such containers made with recovered materials.
B. Plastic Desktop Accessories
1. Background
In the CPG, the Agency proposed designating plastic desktop accessories containing
recovered materials (see 59 FR 18879, April 20, 1995). Plastic desktop accessories include
desk organizers, desk sorters, desk trays, letter nays, memo pad holders, note pad holders,
and pencil holders. They are typically made from polystyrene and are manufactured by
injection-molding: These items are grouped together due to their similarity in manufacture
Currently, EPA has information on plastic desktop accessories made from
postconsumer recovered polystyrene only. In the proposed rule, EPA requested information
on desktop accessories made from other recovered materials and the recovered materials
content levels of those products (see 59 FR 18879, April 20, 1994). During the public
comment period, the Agency did not receive any additional information in this regard.


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