Quantcast Economic Impact Analysis

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make this information publicly available. For instance, as part of the McRecycle USA
program, the McDonald's Corporation established a Registry Service for manufacturers and
suppliers of recycled content products. The Corporation has compiled a database of
registrants and makes this information available upon request. More information on the
McRecycle USA Registry Service is available by calling (800) 220-3809.
State and local recycling programs are also a potential source of information on local
distributors and availability. In addition, state and local government purchasing officials that
are contracting for recycled content products may have relative price information. A list of
state purchasing/procurement officials has been placed in the RIC and will be updated
periodically.  Also included in the public docket is a list of states with recycled content
products purchasing programs, current as of April 1994.
Information is also available from trade associations whose members manufacture or
distribute products containing recovered materials. A list of such trade associations-is also
included in the RIC.
Details on EPA's Economic Impact Analysis for the CPG are described in the
"Technical Background Document for the Comprehensive Procurement Guideline" which is
included in the RCRA public docket for the final CPG.


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