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information to change EPA's earlier conclusion that there is
insufficient information to support designating ink jet cartridges at
this time. Therefore, EPA is not designating ink jet cartridges in the
final CPG II published elsewhere in today's Federal Register. EPA also
is deleting the recommendations for purchasing ink jet cartridges from
today's final RMAN II. EPA will continue to monitor developments in ink
jet cartridge and refilling/remanufacturing technology and will
consider designating ink jet cartridges in the future.
B. Comments on Other Items
EPA received only a few comments on the draft RMAN II. One
commenter recommended that EPA refer to shower and restroom dividers as
" dividers/partitions." After researching common industry terminology,
EPA revised the term in the final CPG II and is using the term
"dividers/partitions" in today's final RMAN II.
Commenters also recommended revisions to the recovered materials
content recommendations for steel shower and restroom dividers, white
and other light-colored reprocessed latex paints, and plastic pallets.
Based on the information provided by these commenters and additional
research, EPA revised the recommendations for these items in today's
final RMAN II. EPA revised the steel content recommendations, added
content recommendations for white and other light-colored reprocessed
latex paint, and distinguished between plastic lumber pallets and
thermoset plastic pallets in recommending content levels for plastic
In addition, in the final CPG II published in the final rules
section of today's Federal Register, EPA revised the latex paint
designation from the broad category "latex paint" to a more specific
designation of "consolidated latex paint used for covering graffiti
and reprocessed latex paint used for interior and exterior
architectural applications such as wallboard, ceilings, and trim;
gutter boards; and concrete, stucco, masonry, wood, and metal
surfaces." Because the more specific designation includes the
applications that EPA previously had recommended in the draft RMAN II,
EPA has deleted those recommendations from Section C-7 of the final
RMAN II. EPA also added a note to the table of recommended content
levels for reprocessed and consolidated latex paint informing agencies
that the recommendations applied to reprocessed and consolidated latex
paints used for the designated applications.
Similarly, in today's final CPG II, EPA revised the snow fencing
designation to "plastic fencing containing recovered plastic for use
in controlling snow or sand drifting and as a warning/safety barrier in
construction or other applications." In the final RMAN II, EPA added
information about specifications for plastic fencing used for warning
and safety barriers.


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