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Commenters also provided additional information about
specifications and available sources of the designated products. These
comments have been incorporated into today's final RMAN II.
A summary of all of the comments and the Agency's response are
provided in the document entitled "Final CPG II/RMAN II Background
Document." A copy of this document has been placed in the docket for
the final RMAN II. See ADDRESSES above for information
[[Page 60978]]
about reviewing documents in the public docket.
V. Supporting Information and Accessing Internet
The index of supporting materials for today's final RMAN II is
available in the RCRA Information Center (RIC) and on the Internet. The
address and telephone number of the RIC are provided in ADDRESSES
above. The index and the following supporting materials are available
on the Internet:
"Final CPG II/RMAN II Background Document," U.S. EPA, Office of
Solid Waste and Emergency Response, September 1997.
Copies of the following supporting materials are available for
viewing at the RIC only:
"Ex Parte Meeting Notes, Meeting Between U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency and National Paint & Coatings Association, June 17,
"Letter to Dana F. Arnold, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
from National Paint & Coatings Association, July 28, 1997."
Follow these instructions to access the information electronically:
WWW: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/non-hw/index.htm#procure.
FTP: ftp.epa/gov
Login: anonymous
Password: your Internet address
Files are located in /pub/epaoswer.
Dated: October 8, 1997.
Carol M. Browner,
Recovered Materials Advisory Notice II
The following represents EPA's recommendations to procuring
agencies for purchasing the items designated today in the Comprehensive
Procurement Guideline II in compliance with section 6002 of the
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). These recommendations


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