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Table F-4.--Recommended Recovered Materials Content Levels for Lawn and
Garden Edging Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber
content (%)
content (%)
Plastic and/or rubber . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Notes: EPA's recommendation does not preclude a procuring agency from
purchasing lawn and garden edging manufactured from another material,
such as wood. It simply requires that a procuring agency, when
purchasing lawn and garden edging made from plastic and/or rubber,
purchase these items made with recovered materials when these items
meet applicable specifications and performance requirements.
[[Page 60982]]
Part G--Non-Paper Office Products
Section G-6--Printer Ribbons
Preference Program: Minimum content standards are not appropriate
for remanufactured items, such as printer ribbons, because a core part
of the item is reused in the new product, even though certain
components of a printer ribbon may contain recovered materials. In lieu
of content standards, EPA recommends that procuring agencies adopt one
or both of the following approaches: (1) procure printer ribbon
reinking or reloading services or (2) procure reinked or reloaded
printer ribbons. EPA further recommends that procuring agencies
establish policies that give priority to reinking or reloading their
expended printer ribbons. If reinking and reloading services are
unavailable, procuring agencies should attempt to purchase reinked or
reloaded printer ribbons. GSA offers remanufactured printer ribbons on
the New Item Introductory Schedule (NIIS).
Specifications: The State of Alabama has a specification for
reinked ribbons which requires the ribbons to be vacuum cleaned,
reinked, and rewound to proper tension. A copy of this specification is
available from the RCRA Hotline at 1-800-424-9346.
Section G-7--Plastic Envelopes
Preference Program: EPA recommends that, based on the recovered
materials content levels shown in Table G-7, procuring agencies
establish minimum content standards for use in purchasing plastic


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