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Purpose and Scope. This document is intended to reflect Navy policy regarding design
and construction of elevators. In addition, these requirements compliment non-governmental
standards such as those published by ASME and NFPA. This document has been developed to
assist architects and engineers in the proper design of Navy facility elevators. Because elevators
are complex multi-disciplined products, guidance is needed to consolidate the Navy elevator
criteria and help the architectural and engineering disciplines understand their roles in elevator
Applicability. The requirements of this document apply to all elevators in Navy
References. Applicable references are listed in each chapter.
Content and Format. This guidance is arranged by design disciplines, and within each
design discipline the chapter is arranged by the major elevator component. This arrangement
serves three purposes; (1) allows easy and ready access to elevator requirements needed by each
designer; (2) allows a checklist format for the designer to assure all requirements have been met;
(3) allows the designer in charge of the overall facility to understand the roles of each of his
architects and engineers by providing a tool for coordination of the design effort.


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