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per minute.
2-2.3 Hydraulic and electric traction elevators utilize controllers to coordinate systems and
passenger calls. These elevators utilize either of these two types of controllers:
a. Microprocessor: Computer logic control is the standard for both electric traction and
hydraulic elevators.
b. Relay logic: Mechanical electro-magnetic controller relays control the operation of
the elevator.
2-2.4 Determine the need for elevators by compliance with the most stringent requirements of
the following criteria:
a. NAVFAC PDPS 94-01 which requires facility designs to comply with UFAS and
ADAAG, whichever one provide the greatest accessibility. The UFAS and ADAAG
documents will be combined and superseded by the ADA/ABA in the near future. The
UFAS and ADAAG documents are available at web site http://www.access-board.gov,
choose "Publications". The draft ADA/ABA document is available at web site
b. Comply with the applicable facility design criteria for the facility building type under
design. An example of this kind of criteria is the Military HandBook; MIL-HDBK-
1036A, "Bachelor Housing" for Bachelor Quarters.
c. Comply with the Facility Design Program Requirements for the specific project. An
example of this kind of requirement is the using Activity's desire to ensure access for
persons with disabilities to programs, services and employment. Another example is
the using Activity's need for vertical transportation of furniture or equipment.
Machine Room
2-3.1 Locate hydraulic elevator machine room on the lowest level served by the elevator and
directly adjacent to the hoistway. Machine room and hoistway must be on the same side
of any building expansion joint.
2-3.2 Provide plans and sections for elevator machine room. Show roof top machine room on
elevations and plans for electric traction elevators.
2-3-3 Indicate 2 hour fire rating for floor, walls and ceiling construction. If required, indicate
stair access, no ladders.
2-3.4 Machine room door (exiting to the interior of the building) shall be "B" Label, fire rated
1 hour with automatic closure, latching door hardware, panic hardware exit device
from interior of room, key operated hardware from outside of room only. Machine room


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