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2-4.4 On hydraulic elevators, sprinkler protection is required in the pit of each elevator. Refer
to Chapter 7, " Fire Protection Elevator Design Guide" for requirements.
Elevator Hoistway
Maximum travel length for direct plunger type hydraulic elevator is 44 feet (13411
mm) or a maximum building height of four floors for Navy facilities, whichever is the
Telescopic hydraulic pistons are not acceptable for Navy facilities. Provide only single
section pistons for all hydraulic elevators.
Roped hydraulic elevators for Navy facilities must be approved by the NAVFAC
Elevator Program Manager.
Geared electric traction machines should be used for buildings of five or more floors.
Gearless electric traction should be used for buildings of ten floors or more where
intensive traffic is anticipated.
The elevator code does not allow anything to be installed in the hoistway not related to
the elevator operation.
Pipes, ducts and conduit not related to the elevator system are not allowed to penetrate
the hoistway.
Show locations of all support beams required in hoistway. Indicate beams on building
sections and details. For multiple elevators in the same hoistway, provide divider
beams for guiderail support brackets.
Eliminate all ledges (potential personnel standing locations, etc.) in hoistway
construction. Provide details which indicate that all horizontal projections and
recesses of 2" (50 mm) or more, have been beveled back to hoistway wall at a 75-
degree angle downward from horizontal.
Provide exterior ventilation of hoistway if the elevator exceeds 15 feet (4572 mm) of
travel. To obtain this ventilation, provide a weatherproof louver with a minimum free
area of 3 1/2 % of the hoistway horizontal cross sectional area. The louver must have
a minimum free area of at least three square feet (0.3 square meters).
Detail grouted cast white bronze or nickel silver hoistway sills at elevator landings.
Match the material used in the cab sill.
Indicate all elevator hoistway door frames grouted to a height of 5 feet (1524 mm).


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