Quantcast Design Requirements - fy01_010019

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b. In structures conforming to Seismic Design Classification D, E, and F, the
manufacturer shall provide guide rail tie brackets and intermediate spreader brackets as
specified in TI 809-04, Paragraph 10-3 h.2.
3-2.2 Avoid the use of tile or brick hoistway walls, particularly those conforming to Seismic
Design Classification D, E, and F.
3-2.3 Indicate details for sump pump pit and the impact of the sump pit on the foundation for
the structure.
3-2.4 Indicate water stops in the walls. Indicate waterproofing for the elevator pit floor and
walls if not indicated on the architectural drawings.
3-2.5 Avoid locating building expansion joints between the elevator hoistway and elevator
3-2.6 Design all exterior components of the elevator or machine room to the same requirements
used for the facility design. In the absence of structural criteria for the exterior
components use ASCE-7.


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