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4-2.2 Do not locate equipment, pipes, conduits, and ducts unrelated to the elevator in the
hoistway and the machine room. ASME A17.1 (Rule 101.2, Equipment in Machine
4-2.3 Machine room door (exiting to the interior of the facility) shall be fire rated and shall not
contain louvers for ventilation nor undercuts in excess of NFPA 80, Section 1-11.4
Elevator Pit
4-3.1 An elevator pit floor drain is not acceptable. Elevator pit must have floor sump pit and
pump. Pump to sanitary sewer through a 2" (50 mm) air gap or directly through an
oil/water separator to storm sewer, or to grade outside the building line, each in
accordance with discharge permits, regulations, and statutes. Coordinate sump pit pump
with the Architect, Structural Engineer, and Electrical Engineer.
4-3.2 On hydraulic elevators, sprinkler protection is required in the pit of each elevator. Refer
to Chapter 7, "Fire Protection Elevator Design Guide" for requirements.
4-3.3 Size sump pump for a minimum of 20 gallons (76 liters) per minute. Coordinate pump
size with Architect to assure the pump will completely fit within the sump pump pit and
function correctly.
Elevator Hoistway
4-4.1 Provide exterior ventilation of hoistway, if the elevator exceeds 15 feet (4572 mm) of
travel. To obtain this ventilation, provide a weatherproof louver with a minimum free
area of 3 1/2 % of the hoistway horizontal cross sectional area. The louver must have a
minimum free area of at least three square feet (0.3 square meters). ASME A17.1 (Rule
100.4, Control of Smoke and Hot Gases).
4-4.2 Pipes, ducts, and conduit not directly related to the elevator are not allowed to penetrate
the hoistway.
4-4.3 On hydraulic elevators, sprinkler protection is required at the top of the hoistway when
the hydraulic cylinder or supply piping extends above the second finished floor elevation.
Refer to Chapter 7, "Fire Protection Elevator Design Guide" for requirements.


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