Quantcast Chapter 5 Electrical Elevator Design Guide

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Design Reference Documents
5-1.1 Design elevator, hoistway, and machine room in accordance with the current versions of
the following reference documents:
American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
ASME A17.1, -
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Safety Code for
Elevators and Escalators.
ASME A17.2.1, -
Inspector's Manual for Electric Elevators.
ASME A17.2.2, -
Inspector's Manual for Hydraulic Elevators.
ASME A17.2.3, -
Inspector's Manual for Escalators.
ASME A17.3, -
Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators
(For designing changes to existing Elevator/Escalator Systems)
NFGS - 14210 - NAVFAC Guide Specifications Section 14210,
"Electric Traction Elevators"
NFGS - 14240 - NAVFAC Guide Specifications Section 14240,
"Hydraulic Elevators"
NFPA 70 - National Electric Code (NEC)
NFPA 99 - Health Care Facilities
NFPA 101 - Life Safety Code
Uniform Building Code
Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
5-1.2 The requirements and guidance provided in this Electrical Elevator Design Guide are
applicable to both continental United States and overseas projects, however the
technical/commercial reference standards (ASME, NEC, ADAAG) listed in this
document will be different in Europe.
Firefighters' Service Visual Signal
ASME A17.1 requires the Firefighters' Service visual signal to activate as follows:
Smoke detectors located in the elevator machine room, hoistway, and elevator lobby
control illumination of the Firefighters' Service visual signal (Firefighters' hat graphic
symbol) in the elevator cab. When activated, smoke detectors in the elevator machine
room and the elevator hoistway shall cause the Firefighters' Service visual signal to
illuminate intermittently (flash) only in the elevator car(s) with equipment located in that
machine room or hoistway. When activated, smoke detectors in the enclosed elevator
lobbies shall cause the Firefighters' Service visual signal to illuminate with steady
illumination only in the elevator car(s) that serves those lobbies. Actuation of any smoke
detector shall initiate actuation of the building fire alarm panel.


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