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Machine Room
5-3.1 Provide a shunt trip circuit breaker for each individual elevator's main power and
emergency power, if provided, located in the elevator machine room. Circuit breakers
shall be capable of being locked in the open position, and shall serve the power and
control of the respective elevator. Each shunt trip circuit breaker shall be served by
another dedicated breaker in the main distribution electrical panel and in the emergency
distribution electrical panel, if provided. Shunt trip breaker(s) shall be operated by the
sprinkler flow switch(s) to automatically open the power supply. Power shall be restored
manually. NEC 620-51 (a). Sprinkler protection and the related shunt trip breaker shall
not be provided for Italian construction projects. Italian law does not allow sprinklers in
the hoistway, pit, and machine room.
5-3.2 Designer shall consider types of elevator drives specified, i.e., Silicon Controlled
Rectifier (SCR), Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), motor generator, etc., and size service
and wire for the worse case.
5-3.3 The guide specification requires the elevator supplier to provide individual isolation
transformers and individual choke reactors for each hoist motor, and filtering of harmonic
distortion when SCR or Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) AC controllers are
5-3.4 Provide a branch circuit separate from the main elevator power supply, with a fused
disconnect switch capable of being locked in the open position, for lights, receptacles,
and ventilation for each individual elevator car. As an alternative, a lockable enclosed
circuit breaker may be used as the overcurrent protection device. NEC 620-53, NEC 620-
5-3.5. Locate all disconnecting means for elevator(s) on the inside surface of the machine room
wall next to the strike side of the machine room door. Ensure each disconnect is within
sight of the elevator equipment it controls.
5-3.6 A separate branch circuit shall supply each individual machine room with lighting and
5-3.7 All 120V receptacles installed in machine room shall be GFI type (Provide at least one
duplex receptacle). NEC 620-23 and NEC 620-85.
5-3.8 Conductors and optical fibers, located in the machine room, shall be in conduit.
5-3.9 Coordinate the need for emergency power with the using activity and the project
architect. Emergency power is usually needed for health care facilities (with bed
confinement) or high-rise facilities (greater than 75'-0" from ground floor to highest
occupied floor). Provide emergency power for health care facilities in accordance with
NFPA 99, high-rise facilities in accordance with NFPA 101, and other facilities as


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