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If emergency power is used:
a. The disconnecting means required by NEC 620-51, must disconnect the elevator
from normal power and from emergency power.
b. If more than one elevator is provided, determine (with Activity input) how many
elevators are to operate on emergency power.
c. Design the emergency power to be able to operate selected elevator(s) at rated loads
and rated speeds.
d. System design must accommodate automatic sequential operation in order to bring
all elevators to the designated floor level, as required by ASME A17.1 (Rule 211.3b
Smoke Detectors) and provide selected elevator(s) with emergency power
e. Provide manual override switch in main elevator lobby area(s) to override the
automatic emergency power selection.
f. Provide emergency power for machine room cooling/ventilation equipment and
hoistway ventilating equipment, if the elevator is on emergency power circuit.
g. Provide an extra set of contacts on transfer switch (when emergency power is
provided) and two-conductor 120-volt ac circuit in conduit from these contacts to
junction box in machine room,
Provide telephone outlet with dedicated line next to each elevator controller for
emergency phone service in elevator car. Indicate outlets on telephone riser.
Provide machine room smoke detectors to initiate actuation of Firefighters' Service,
illuminate intermittently (flash) Firefighters' Service visual signal, and initiate
actuation of the building fire alarm panel. Refer to Chapter 7, "Fire Protection
Elevator Design Guide" for requirements. Require smoke detectors to be mounted in
the machine room by indicating detectors on the electrical drawings, unless shown on
separate fire protection drawings. Coordinate with Fire Protection Engineer.
Only electrical wiring, raceways and cables used directly in connection with the
elevator shall be permitted in the machine room. NEC 620-37.
Elevator Pit
Provide a twist lock simplex receptacle with matching plug, without GFI protection, to
supply the permanently installed sump pump. Mount sump pump receptacle 3'-0" (914
mm) above elevator pit floor. Provide pilot lamp to verify circuit is energized. NEC


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