Quantcast Chapter 6 Specifications Elevator Design Guide

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6-1 Design Reference Documents
6-1.1 Design elevator, hoistway, and machine room in accordance with the current version of the
following reference documents:
American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
ASME A17.1, -
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Safety Code for
Elevators and Escalators.
ASME A17.2.1, -
Inspector's Manual for Electric Elevators.
ASME A17.2.2, -
Inspector's Manual for Hydraulic Elevators.
ASME A17.2.3, -
Inspector's Manual for Escalators.
ASME A17.3, -
Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators
(For designing changes to existing Elevator/Escalator Systems)
NFGS 14210 - Electric Traction Elevator
NFGS 14240 - Hydraulic Elevators
NFPA 70 -
National Electric Code (NEC)
Uniform Building Code
Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
6-1.2 The requirements and guidance provided in this Specifications Elevator Design Guide are
applicable to both continental United States and overseas projects, however the
technical/commercial reference standards (ASME) listed in this document will be different
in Europe.
6-2 Specification Requirements
6-2.1 Utilize the most current version of the NAVFAC Elevator Guide Specifications to specify
the project elevator. The NAVFAC Guide Specifications (NFGS) are available on the
Construction Criteria Base (CCB) or NAVFAC homepage at
http://criteria.navfac.navy.mil/criteria and choose "Guide Specs". Do not use previously edited
versions of the guide specification for a new job. Start from the most current version of
the guide specifications to assure all updated changes are incorporated in the guide
specifications. Any editing of non-bracketed paragraphs within the NAVFAC Guide
Specification shall be approved through the NAVFAC Elevator Program.
6-2.2 Incorporate all current LANTDIV Interim Specifications Revisions (ISR) into the prefinal
edited project specifications. These ISR changes are available at the LANTDIV homepage
at the following address: http://www.efdlant.navfac.navy.mil/lantops_04/home.htm , choose
"Specifications", then "The Specification Preparation Manual".


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