Quantcast Specification Requirements

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6-2.3 Design/Build RFP documents should utilize the entire current NAVFAC Guide
Specification. Do not attempt to abbreviate or write a performance specification for
6-2.4 If you have any Navy or Local code compliance questions that cannot be answered by in-
house expertise or an elevator consultant, contact the NAVFAC Elevator Program
Manager or an EFD Elevator Program Manager or a PWC Elevator Inspector for
assistance. The NAVFAC Elevator Program Manager, Mr. Kevin Morse (Code 1611K),
can be reached by telephone at (757) 322-4653 or by E-mail at
. The SOUTHWEST Division Elevator Program
Manager, Mr. Harold Tompkins, can be reached by telephone at (415) 244-3074, Fax
(415) 244-3090. The Norfolk PWC Elevator Inspector, Mr. Dale Hughes, can be reached
by telephone at (757) 445-2086 or by E-mail at dhuges@po2.pwc.com. The NAS PAX,
Patuxent River, Maryland Elevator Inspector, Mr. Bill Snyder, can be reached by
telephone at (301) 757-4902, Fax (301) 342-3700, or by E-mail at
6-2.5 Design of elevators is a multidisciplinary design function; therefore, input from
architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical disciplines is required for a successfully
written specification or review of the elevator shop drawings.
6-2.6 If difficulties arise from the use of this NAVFAC Elevator Design Guide or the NFGS
Sections 14210, "Electric Traction Elevators" or 14240,"Hydraulic Elevator," please
contact LANTDIV to make the authors aware of any needed changes in these elevator
documents. The point of contact is Mr. Peter Byrne; R. A. (Code 4062) and he can be
reached at (757) 322-4310 or by E-mail at .


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