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facilities (MFs). In these complexes are facilities and shops for the repair and maintenance of
aircraft and component parts. The Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD)
officer complex normally includes the following shops (buildings):
a) AIMD Administration,
Airframes Shop,
Engine Maintenance,
Avionics Shop,
Aviation Armament Shop (see facility plates),
f) Aviation Life Support Systems,
Engine Test Cells,
Battery Shops, and
i) Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Shop.
While the construction of MFs is not covered in this handbook, their interrelated
use and connection to the buildings should be a considered part of each design.
Organizational Communications
An intercommunicating two-way voice system, with use restricted to maintenance and material
management (3M), should be provided. The system will connect the AIMD officer, assistant
officer, and production control office with each squadron maintenance control office in the
aircraft maintenance hangar and the production control offices in the:
Airframes Shop,
Avionics Shop,
Engine Maintenance Shop,
Ground Support Equipment Shop,
Aviation Armaments Shop, and
f) Aviation Life Support Systems Shop.
NOTE: The AIMD will be located in the station administration building, a separate
maintenance administration building, or one of the shop buildings (preferably the Avionics
Shop). For maintenance hangars' organizational communications, refer to the Electrical Section


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