Quantcast Mechanical Equipment Requirements

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Ventilation shall be provided in accordance with MIL-HDBK-1003/3 and as follows:
a) Toxic fumes and combustible vapor that generate in work areas shall be
exhausted directly to the outside. The Airframes, Corrosion Control and Electric Shops are
likely producers of toxic fumes. These shops shall always be provided with exhaust ventilation
to the outside.
b) If fuel systems maintenance is performed in the OH spaces, a system for purging
the fuel line and the tanks shall be provided. A fuel vapor exhaust system shall also be provided.
Air Conditioning
Air conditioning shall be provided in accordance MIL-HDBK-1003/3 and MIL-HDBK-1190.
Automatic thermostatic control shall be provided, and equipment shall be shut down when not
required for cooling. Air conditioning is not required in the general OH space.
Mechanical Equipment Requirements
Locate exterior mechanical equipment out of sight or provide screen walls. Do not locate
mechanical equipment on roofs. Mechanical rooms and exterior enclosures shall be sized to
accommodate manufacturer's recommendation for service, air flow and maintenance. Provide
variable frequency drives where applicable. Connect direct digital controls to base wide monitor
Corrosion Protection
Provide special finish coatings on the interior and the exterior surfaces of HVAC equipment
exposed to the weather, including all coil surfaces and interior equipment surfaces belonging to
the first HVAC equipment (excluding louvers) in the supply ductwork system that is subjected to
outside supply air. The coating shall not act as an insulating barrier to the HVAC heat exchange
Force Protection
Air intakes within two-story structures will be positioned above the level of the first floor ceiling
height. For single-story areas such as the mechanical room, the underside of all intake louvers
must be at +3000mm minimum, and in accordance with AP2.6.1.
When a height restraint requires a roof mounted location, the exhaust louvers and hoods for
equipment such as exhaust fans and the boiler fume exhaust stacks must be relocated to ensure


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