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1.2 Purpose of Guidance
This guidance is intended to facilitate the design of Entry Control Facilities. Entry Control
Facilities are the front line of defense against potential terrorist attack. There has been
increased scrutiny of both procedural and infrastructure issues at entry control points after
recent terrorist attacks. Many existing design references discuss important design
considerations, but none include information concerning the latest developments in technology
that may be employed in the near future to reduce manpower and insure adequate security.
This guidance identifies design features necessary to ensure infrastructure constructed today
will have the flexibility to support future technologies and presents a unified approach to the
design of entry control facilities. The examples provided in this design guidance will need to
be modified and adapted as appropriate to satisfy installation specific constraints. The
design guidance is not intended to address procedural issues such as tactics and techniques.
1.3 Scope and Use of Guidance
The guidance pertaining to entry control facilities (ECFs) is intended for primary and
secondary ECFs of an installation. A limited-use ECF, which is open only occasionally, would
not require the same level of infrastructure. Therefore, for a limited-use ECF, incorporate the
elements of design discussed in this guidance as appropriate.
Commanders, security personnel, and design architects and engineers are the intended users
of this document. Technical information considered generally known to professional architects
or engineers or readily available in existing technical references has not been included.


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