Quantcast Table 2-1 FPCON Descriptions (ref. DoD O-2000.12-H)

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before allowing entrance to the installation. Therefore, it is important for the designers of an
Entry Control Facility to understand the anticipated operations at all FPCONs as outlined in
the installation AT Plan.
Applies when a general threat of possible terrorist
activity exists but warrants only a routine security
Applies when there is a general threat of possible
terrorist activity against personnel and installations, the
nature and extent of which are unpredictable.
Applies when an increased and more predictable threat
of terrorist activity exists.
Applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is
received indicating some form of terrorist action against
personnel and installations is imminent.
Applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack
has occurred or when intelligence has been received
that terrorist action against a specific location is likely.
Normally, FPCON DELTA is declared as a localized
Table 2-1 FPCON Descriptions (ref. DoD O-2000.12-H)
The design of an entry control facility must consider the likely operations and anticipated
volume and flow of traffic during all FPCON(s). However, as outlined in DoD O-2000.12-H,
the implementation of terrorist FPCONs does not come without adverse impact or costs to day-
to-day operations. Table 2-2, provides guidance from DoD 0-2000.12-H on the expected
capabilities and impacts associated with the different FPCON levels.
The baseline posture.
The measures must be capable of being maintained
The measures must be capable of being maintained for
weeks without causing undue hardship, affecting
operational capability, or aggravating relations with
local authorities.
Implementation of this measure for more than a short
period will probably create hardship and affect the
peacetime activities of the unit and its personnel.
Measures to be implemented in response to local
warning and not intended to be sustained for substantial
Table 2-2 FPCON Impacts and Implementation Times (ref. DoD O-2000.12-H)
Since some disruption in the level of service is expected at high FPCON(s) (Charlie or Delta),
the traffic impacts will be designed based on the elimination of congestion at FPCON Bravo


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