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and below. At FPCON Charlie and Delta, some congestion may occur but this is sometimes
offset by the installation also reducing the population seeking to enter the installation to
mission essential personnel only during FPCON Charlie or Delta.
2.4 Existing Design Guidance
Table 2-3 provides a summary of the design guidance and criteria available for
infrastructure issues related to Entry Control Facilities.
Entry Control Point (ECP) Layout
MIL HDBK 1013/1A (4.4.5)
MTMCTEA Bulletin
TM5-853-2 (3.7)
Air Force Installation Entry Control
Facilities Design Guide (DRAFT)
Exterior Security Lighting
MIL HDBK 1013/1A (4.7)
OPNAV INST 5530.14C (Ch. 7)
TM5-853 (ECP, 3-7b.1.g)
MIL HDBK 1013/10 Section 4
IESNA "Lighting Handbook"
Exterior CCTV
MIL HDBK 1013/1A (4.6)
Exterior Perimeter IDS
MIL HDBK 1013/1A (4.5)
Security Power Supply
MIL HDBK 1013/1A (4.8.2)
OPNAV INST 5530.14C (0703)
Vehicle Barriers
MIL HDBK 1013/14
Guard Facilities
MIL HDBK 1013/10
Traffic and Highway Design
MTMCTEA Bulletin
A Policy on Geometric Design of
Highways and Streets AASHTO
Roadside Design Guide - AASHTO
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control
Devices for Streets and Bridges-
Standard Highway Signs DOT/FHA
Table 2-3 References Related to Entry Control Facilities


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