Quantcast Entry Control Facility Classifications and Functions

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Entry Control Facility Classifications and Functions
3.1 ECF Classifications
The functions and the relationships at an ECF are based on the classification or type of entry
control facility. There are four basic types of ECFs; however, specific projects will require
modifications of these types or in some cases combinations (7, 10). The four basic types of
ECFs based on functional classifications are:
DoD Personnel Only (Authorized Vehicles)
DoD Personnel / Visitors
Commercial / Large Vehicle
Truck Inspection
Where an installation has a limited number of entry points or only one entry point, the entry
control facilities will be required to support the combined functional requirements of each type
(7, 10). For example, an installation with only one entry control facility will likely combine the
functions of supporting DoD Personnel, visitors, large vehicles, and a full inspection facility. On
a large installation with several entry points, one entry point may be designated for truck
inspection and commercial vehicle access only, while other entry points will only support the
remaining types of traffic. This type of arrangement reduces the infrastructure requirements,
by not requiring support for all functions at each entry point. Also some installations may use
a centralized truck inspection facility that is separate from the entry control points. For this
reason, the functions of truck inspection and general commercial/large vehicle entry have
been listed separately. In general, where commercial/large vehicle entry is required, truck
inspection will be combined into the same facility unless it is provided at a separate
centralized facility. Due to the specialized requirements for truck inspection operations, the
design considerations for a Truck Inspection ECF have been covered separately from the other
types of ECFs in Chapter 7.
These types of ECFs can further be subdivided based on the intended use and volume of
traffic at the ECF. The use classifications are outlined in the table below.
Use Classification
Traffic Volume
Operational Hours
FPCON Considerations
Heavy / Moderate
Open Continuously
Open thru FPCON Delta
Moderate to Heavy
Regular Hours, Closed
Potentially closed at or
at Times
above FPCON Charlie
Limited Use
Only Opened for
Closed at Most Times
Special Purposes
The focus of this guidance is on primary and secondary entry control facilities to installations.
Although many of the concepts also apply to entry control facilities into restricted areas or
limited-use entry control facilities, the requirements and considerations vary due to the
decreased volume of traffic into a restricted area.


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