Quantcast Truck Inspection Facility Design Considerations

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Truck Inspection Facility Design Considerations
A truck inspection facility may be a separate centralized facility or combined into the
functions of a commercial/large vehicle ECF as indicated in the function diagram in Figure 3.3.
7.1 Mission and Operation
An installation truck inspection facility is intended to be the single point of inspection for all
truck traffic intending to enter the installation. It is envisioned, that a once a vehicle is
inspected and authorized to access an installation that the vehicle will be tracked and
monitored until it enters and exits the installation. The following guidelines are intended to
provide general considerations in the design of a truck inspection facility.
7.2 Inspection Equipment
The design of the truck inspection station should be based on the use of large vehicle
inspection equipment. Some examples of these technologies are x-ray, ion mobility
spectrometry, gamma ray imaging, and neutron analysis. Since many of these devices are not
currently deployed, the design should include space for vehicle inspection equipment and
provide utility conduits to the anticipated location for future use. The inspection equipment
may be a mobile or fixed installation. Further information concerning the types and
configurations of explosive detection equipment is available at the Department of Navy
Explosive Detection Equipment website at http://www.explosivedetection.nfesc.navy.mil/. It
should be noted that some detection equipment is built-in to a large, drive-through structure.
If this type of equipment is anticipated, then this could be coordinated and incorporated into
the inspection office and overhead canopy facilities.
In addition, many installations desire CCTV inspection of the top and underside of vehicles.
These cameras would be mounted on the overhead canopy and in the pavement below the
vehicle. As a minimum, the truck inspection facility shall possess the infrastructure to support
the installation of CCTV inspection equipment. This would include adequate lighting to
illuminate the underside of the vehicles during inspection. Some installations may also consider
the use of vehicle inspection pits, although this type of facility is not recommended due to
commonly encountered soil conditions at Navy installations and operational safety issues.
The following sections contain information on various inspection related devices in order to
facilitate the layout of the truck inspection facility and the determination of the required
infrastructure to support inspection equipment. Inclusion of any equipment in this section
does not constitute an endorsement. The equipment shown is for illustration purposes


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