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7.2.2 CCTV Under Vehicle Search Systems
Several companies have developed fixed and portable CCTV systems for facilitating under
vehicle search. This technology is meant to enhance or replace existing inspection techniques
such as manual inspection using mirrors or accessing the underside of the vehicle from an
inspection pit. Contacting the manufacturers of these systems is suggested to ensure proper
installation and operation of this equipment.
Law Enforcement Associates Model 5590 and 5591 UVIS
Point of Contact
Company Information
Jim Oberdick
Law Enforcement Associates
(703) 729-5700
P.O. Box 410
(703) 729-6700
Ashburn, VA 20146
Cost Data: $25K with suggested
accessories. On GSA Schedule. Delivery 4
weeks. Installation and training included.
Description: The Model 5590 Fixed Site Under-Vehicle Inspection System provides excellent quality video of the
underside of vehicles at remote locations. The system is easily transported and can quickly be put into operation. The
system features a video ramp that incorporates the four wide-angle cameras and three illumination modules for low
light situations. Its portable command center includes control for quad splitter, monitor, cameras, lighting modules and
high-resolution monitor that provides crisp video images. The Model 5591 Under-Vehicle Inspection System was
designed in conjunction with the U.S. Military to be portable, rugged, and have the ability to function in extremely
adverse conditions. Within seconds, the under-side of a vehicle can be scanned for bombs, attached packages and other
paraphernalia. Featuring many of the technology advancements of the Model 5590, this system is designed to function
in adverse desert environments up to 43 degrees C and is weather, sand, dust and grit resistant. Product data sheets for
the systems are available on line at www.gsa-sales.com
Perceptics - UVSS
Point of Contact
Company Information
Bradley Callahan
9737 Cogdill Rd., Suite 200N
Knoxville, TN 37932
Cost Data: $40K with suggested accessories. On GSA
Schedule. Delivery 10 weeks. Installation and training
included. Discounts available for volume buys.
Description: Perceptics' Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is a state-of-the-art, computerized vehicle searching
device used to search vehicle undercarriages. This computerized system provides a more proficient and productive
search method than manual techniques. The system provides the operator a safe and effective means to search the
undercarriages of vehicles for hidden items; e.g., explosive devices, firearms, and other types of contraband. The UVSS
can be purchased in two configurations: a fixed, in-ground system, or a portable system including ramp assembly.


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