Quantcast Figure 7.4 Example Exclusion Zones for Mobile Inspection Systems

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These systems utilize a boom type arm to form an inspection tunnel. In no case are the vehicle
operators to remain in the vehicle during a scan. The operator is either to exit the vehicle or
the vehicle is positioned such that the operator is outside the scan area prior to the scan
initiating. In order to properly plan the required space for this type of equipment, the
detailed operational procedures must be reviewed. The MobileSearch system is designed to
acquire images by traveling at a constant velocity past any number of parked vehicles in a
line. This is accomplished using an electric secondary drive motor that propels the vehicle at a
constant velocity. The MobileSearch system is capable of scanning only on the "driver's side"
of the MobileSearch vehicle. The maximum height of the boom is 5.03 m (16'-6"), with a
maximum scanned vehicle dimension of 2.59m (wide) x 4.27 m (high). The width of the
equipment with boom and stairs deployed is 7.62 m (25'). The Mobile VACIS system is
designed to acquire images by either traveling past a stationary vehicle or in a pass-through
mode as a moving vehicle passes through the scan area. Additionally, the system can conduct
operations on either side of the VACIS vehicle. The vehicle requires a clear height of 6.1 m
(20'-0") and a surface grade of less than 5%. The exclusion zone for each system is
illustrated below. Note that this information was based on available manufacturer literature
and it should be verified with the manufacturer of the specific system anticipated. Also these
exclusion zones are based on the 2mR in any one hour dose limit. Therefore, the
manufacturers should be contacted for the radiation rate data beyond the exclusion zone to
determine the zone appropriate for a specific application. The 100 mR per year limit may
govern the location of a permanent facility.
Exclusion Zone for
Exclusion Zone for
Mobile VACIS
(Determined by 2 mR/hr threshold)
(Determined by 2 mR/hr threshold)
Figure 7.4 Example Exclusion Zones for Mobile Inspection Systems


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