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7.3 Layout
The layout of the truck inspection facility is extremely important in ensuring the facility will
function properly. The civil design must consider the turning radius and other operating
characteristics of the expected vehicle types. In addition, the facility should have multiple
lanes of inspection to support different vehicle types, or varying inspection levels. The design
should have adequate stacking distances for the anticipated queue and parking for vehicles
to be inspected and security vehicles. Parking areas should be sized for the range of
expected vehicles and consider the anticipated volume of vehicles to be inspected.
Consider providing a "sally port" in the inspection area. A "sally port" configuration is
created through the use of vehicle barricades or traffic gates. These barriers are intended to
confine the vehicle during inspection until it is determined that the vehicle is authorized to
proceed or if the vehicle is denied admission to the installation. The barriers can also be used
to aid in positioning the vehicle relative to inspection equipment.
Some installations may require screening of the inspection operations from the remaining
portions of the ECF. As discussed in Reference 7, screening may increase safety and shields
the inspection procedures from public view to prevent visual surveillance from unauthorized
As discussed in section 7.2, the inspection equipment can have a significant impact on the
layout of a truck inspection facility. It is difficult to develop a layout that can support all
potential types of automated inspection equipment. If the installation specifies the anticipated
inspection systems, then the layout can be customized. However, if the specific system is not
identified, however the use of imaging or related inspection equipment is anticipated the
layout should facilitate the future incorporation of this equipment. Figures 7.11 through 7.13
illustrate the incorporation of several types of inspection equipment into the layout of a truck
inspection facility. As illustrated, it is possible to provide areas for future equipment or as a
minimum reserve space for the equipment when developing the site plan for an inspection
facility. The following sections provide further detailed design guidance.


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