Quantcast Chapter 2 Remediation Requirements

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ITG FY03-4
5 June 2003
RESPONSE ACTIONS. As adapted by the New York City
Department of Health, Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in
Indoor Environments and EPA Guidelines, response actions may be broken
down into separate and distinct categories as shown below:
Level 1
Small Isolated Areas
10 sq. feet or less
Level 2
Mid Size Isolated Areas
10 100 sq. feet
Level 3
Extensive Contamination
Greater than 100 contiguous sq. ft. in
an area
Level 4
Contaminated HVAC
Response guidelines for water damage within 24-48 hours are
shown in Table 2-1. Use these guidelines in conjunction with the Level 1 through
Level 4 response actions identified in Table 2-2.
Books and Papers: Consult activities regarding the preservation
of documents. It may be cost prohibitive and labor intensive to attempt to dry
and clean a large area of books and papers. Small quantities may be vacuumed,
damp wiped and placed in a clean area to dry with the use of heat and fans.
Note: Consult Industrial Hygienist and/or servicing Safety and Health Staff for
cleaning of materials contaminated with "dirty" (e.g., gray or black) water.


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