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ITG FY03-4
5 June 2003
EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS. The equipment and materials
needed to perform mold remediation are those generally accepted and used
during asbestos and lead removals. Below is a sample listing of equipment that
may be needed or used and is not all-inclusive:
HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Negative Air Pressure Machines
Manometer or smoke tubes (used for checking negative pressure)
Polyethylene Sheeting, 6 mil
Industrial, Heavy Duty, Clear, Plastic Garbage Bags
Mops and Buckets
Detergent/Cleaning Solution
Steam Carpet Cleaning Machine
Rags and Sponges
Duct Tape
Lock out/Tag out Devices
Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
Fans (for post abatement use in drying area or use in clean area to
facilitate drying of cleaned materials)
HAZARD COMMUNICATION. When mold growth requiring large-
scale remediation is found, the building owner, management, and/or employer
must notify occupants in the affected area(s) of its presence. Notification should
include a description of the remedial measures to be taken and a timetable for
While normal small-scale response actions do not dictate "whole
building" notifications, coordinate response activities with the supervisors of the
affected areas. Supervisors are then responsible for notifying affected personnel
and providing a description of remedial measures to be taken and the schedule
for completion.
Well-planned group meetings held before and after remediation
with full disclosure of plans and results can be an effective communication
mechanism. Servicing Safety and Health professionals, Industrial Hygienists
and/or Occupational Health providers may provide valuable assistance during
these meetings.
Advise occupants of any known or suspected health risks.
Temporarily relocate individuals that may be at a high risk for experiencing
adverse reactions to mold, (see paragraph 1-6.1.1) during remediation activities.
EPA Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings


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