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ITG FY03-4
5 June 2003
If you choose to use disinfectants or biocides, always ventilate the
area. Bring in outdoor air with fans. When using fans, take care not to distribute
mold spores into an unaffected area. Biocides are toxic to humans, as well as to
mold; use appropriate PPE and read and follow label precautions. Never mix
chlorine bleach solution with cleaning solutions or detergents that contain
ammonia; toxic fumes could be produced.
Some biocides are considered pesticides, and should only be
applied or used by trained and certified pesticide applicators. Fungicides are
commonly applied to outdoor plants, soil, and grains as a dust or spray--
examples include:
Do not use fungicides developed for use outdoors for mold
remediation or for any other indoor situation.
Do not use gaseous ozone or chlorine dioxide for remedial
purposes. Both compounds are highly toxic and contamination of occupied
space poses a health threat. Further, the effectiveness of these treatments is
In all cases, consult the cognizant Industrial Hygienist and/or Safety and
Occupational Health Specialist prior to using any biocide/disinfectant.
state or federal agencies have established standards for "acceptable" air
or surface concentrations of mold indoors. Similarly, professional
organizations such as AIHA and ACGIH also have not established
quantitative guidelines for air and surface mold levels in occupied spaces.
Consequently, determining when a mold remediation project has been
completed and judging the effectiveness of such a project must rely upon
qualitative measures. The most basic of these is that people should be
able to occupy or re-occupy the remediated space without health
complaints or physical symptoms.
For remediation to be judged successful, at least two criteria must
be met:
The water or moisture problem that led to the mold problem must
have been identified and fixed.


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