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ITG FY03-4
5 June 2003
REQUIREMENTS. Activities must ensure that contracts involving
mold remediation include appropriate statement of work, ensure hazard control
techniques are properly applied and all safety and health requirements are
Use the following Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) as
a guide for contractual mold services:
UFGS 13281N, Engineering Control of Asbestos Containing
UFGS 13282N, Lead in Construction
UFGS 01525, Safety and Occupational Health Requirements
CONTRACTS. Perform complete, accurate and site specific Health
and Safety Plans (HASP) and Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA), as required by the
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Manual, EM 385-1-1, for each
mold remediation project (Level 2 4).  Plans must provide site-specific safety
and health performance of work to include at a minimum:
Hazard Analysis
Work-area control specifications
Medical Surveillance
Personal Protective Equipment
Emergency response and contingency requirements
Clearance criteria
A certified Industrial Hygienist or equivalent by training and/or
experience must review all contractor HASPs prior to initiating site work. In
addition, the servicing Occupational Safety and Health Manager or his
designated representative, who has sufficient knowledge and authority to review
and accept, must review HASPs for appropriate inclusion of appropriate safety
requirements. Plans must be reviewed and accepted prior to issuing the Notice
to Proceed.


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