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ITG FY03-4
5 June 2003
Positive pressure - A condition that exists when the air pressure in an enclosed
space is greater than that in the surrounding areas. Under this condition, if an
opening exists between these locations, air will flow from the positively
pressurized space into surrounding areas. A positively pressurized building will
have airflow from the building to the outside through available openings.
Preventive maintenance - Regular and systematic inspection, cleaning, and
replacement of worn parts, materials and systems. Preventive maintenance
helps to keep parts, materials, and systems from failing by ensuring they are in
good working order.
Spore means by which molds reproduce. Spores are microscopic in size
(2-100 micrometers) and vary in size and shape. Spores may travel several
ways; passively moved (by a breeze or water drop), mechanically disturbed (by a
person or animal passing by), or actively discharged (usually under moist
conditions or high humidity.
Toxins proteins produced by molds, which cling to mold spores and can cause
allergies and other health effects.


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