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regulations. The disparity stems from the fact that local jurisdictions frequently enforce more
restrictive environmental laws. For example, in southern California, local water quality
regulators fined one Navy activity for hazardous storm water discharges from creosote-treated
sawcut shavings. Additionally, some local landfills have not accepted treated timber for
4. Criteria: The use of timber in the marine environment should be based on life-cycle
economics. If timber is placed in the marine environment, it should be pressure treated
according to American Wood Preservers Association Standards unless state and local
regulations restrict its installation, cutting, use, or disposal. Conversely, the timber may be
wrapped by plastic according to NFGS-02462, "Wood Marine Piling Flexible Plastic
Encasement," (under development). Field Divisions and Activities should conduct site-
specific risk assessments for each area containing a significant quantity of timber to determine
the impact on the local marine environment. The risk assessment method may employ the
software developed by the Western Wood Preservers Institute or other similar system. The
assessment may also include a leachability analysis if required by the locale. Most Field
Divisions and Field Activities have applied biologists on staff to assist engineers in the
planning and design process.
5. Action:
a. Engineering Field Divisions (EFDs), Engineering Field Activities (EFAs), Officers in
Charge of Construction (OICCs), Public Works Centers (PWCs), Public Works Departments
(PWDs) shall plan, design, and construct timber waterfront structures according to the criteria
stated herein. EFD and EFA Engineering and Environmental Divisions should work with
state and local regulators to develop best management practices for each installation. This
effort should be integrated into existing pollution prevention activities such as the Pollution
Prevention (P2) Plan.
b. NAVFAC Criteria Office will coordinate revisions of the following criteria to
incorporate the interim technical guidance stated herein:
Military Handbook 1025/6, "General Criteria for Waterfront Construction"
Military Handbook 1005/5, "Timber Structures"
NFGS - xxxxx, "Wood Marine Piling Flexible Plastic Encasement," (under
NFGS - 02461, "Wood Marine Piling"
NFGS - 02398, "Pier Timberwork"


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