Quantcast Executive Summary -Cont.

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Recommendations for developmental work and technical guidance updates are
summarized as follows:
Develop standard operating procedures (SOP) at a specific site that would help to
assure compliance with QA policy. Envisioned are check lists, process flow charts, assignment of
responsible parties, and training tailored to actual duties. The SOP can then be made available to
other activities wishing to develop their own procedures.
Maintain a central point of expertise on wood usage issues that would involve
providing advice and technical guidance for activities dealing with environmental issues related to
treated wood usage in marine environments.
Develop a means of determining the actual environmental risk of treated wood.
This includes a thorough assessment of the WWPI risk assessment model and the development of
a method of determining the amount of treatment chemicals that will enter the water from treated
wood (leachability analysis).
Consider the further development of specifications for plastic-covered wood to be
used in lieu of treated wood.
Specific recommendations for changes to criteria documents, MIL-HDBK-1025/6
"General Criteria for Waterfront Construction," NFGS-0249IJ "Pier Timberwork," and NFGS-
02483J "Wood Marine Piling" are in accordance with the recommended best management


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