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Association (AWPA) Standards C1 and C2 (above ground use) that specify proper wood species,
acceptable preservatives and minimum preservative retentions and penetrations.
[Delete AWPB References]. [Add] AWPA Standards. American Wood-Preservers' Association.
PO Box 849, Stevensville, MD 21666
[Unlike 1025/6, I see little need for changes to this spec.]
1.1 [Delete AWPA P2 and AWPA P5 (note: these are referenced routinely by AWPA C2)] Timber Preservative Inspection [OK as is except use "comply" vice "complying" Delivery Inspection List [Add] All preservative-treated wood, but especially creosote
products shall be inspected visually to ensure that there are no excessive residual materials or
preservative deposits.  If the material is not clean and dry it must be rejected because of
environmental concerns.
Delivery and Storage [OK as is] Solid Sawn [OK as is but I don't know why we are restricting it to southern pine,
Douglas-fir or Western? Larch] Preservative Treatment
NOTE: [Move paragraph 3 "usage" to paragraph 1.]
[delete reference to AWPA P2 and PS since these are referenced by AWPA C2]
[I don't know why certain treatments are eliminated; e.g., chromated zinc chloride and
pentachlorophenol; unless there is a compelling reason this sentence should be deleted]
CONSTRUCTION. [Add] Specifiers and installers must follow the guidance in the treated
wood Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and hazard labels as required by OSHA and use the
product in conformance with the Consumer Information Sheet that must be provided by the
treated wood supplier.
3.2.1 Timberwork [Add to first sentence] ...,preservative MSDS, and Consumer Information
Sheet provided by the supplier. Wood preservatives are restricted use pesticides and must be
applied in compliance with applicable standards.


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