Quantcast Appendix C Specific Activity Practices/Problems

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Appendix C
Use of material not in compliance with AWPA standards; premature failure
Insist on full compliance with the quality assurance BMP listed in
Appendix B by all contractors and activity responsible individuals. Each project plan should
state these BMP and name those responsible for assuring compliance.
Potential project delays or cost increases are incurred due to unforeseen
environmental considerations.
The prospect of environmental risk that accompanies treated wood usage
in aquatic environments should be considered early in the design stage. Consult with your
environmental department and consider a proactive risk assessment at that time.
It is difficult if not impossible to determine the most cost effective material
for waterfront construction; no local data is available.
Keep careful records of the installation and maintenance of all waterfront.
construction materials. Assign a specific department that task and maintain the records for at
least 20 years.  For treated wood include the type of treatment, retention level, treating
company, and installation date.
Treated wood removed from service cannot be readily disposed of in a
Consult with your environmental department; every region will have
different programs and different applicable local regulations. Consider reuse options such as (1)
reuse as landscape timber, fence posts, etc., (2) resawing to recover untreated wood portions, (3)
recycling as fuel, (4) decontamination procedures such as chemical extraction or biological
breakdown, and (5) reconstitution of chipped treated wood.
Activity personnel do not have the required knowledge to properly
accomplish the required solutions listed above.
Consider the implementation of a training program designed specifically
for responsible individuals. [Such a training program was developed by NAVFAC and may be
available if there is a demand]


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