Quantcast Interim Technical Guidance (ITG)-SKID Resistance Criteria For Airfield Pavements

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24 March, 1999
From: Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC Criteria Office)
To:  Distribution
(a) Design Manual 21.9 "Skid Resistant Runway Surfaces"
(b) FAA circular AC 150/5320-12C, "Measurement, Construction and
Maintenance of Skid-Resistant Airport Pavement Surfaces"
Encl: (1) Navy Unique Airfield Skid Resistant Airfield Pavement Evaluation
1. Purpose: The purpose of this guidance is to advise facility engineers, planners, and
maintenance personnel of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
adoption of FAA circular AC 150/5320-12C. Use this criteria for specific guidance
on determining runway surface friction characteristics, procedures and equipment for
measuring surface friction, and maintaining of skid resistant surfaces. This document
may be downloaded off the internet from the FAA's Advisory Circular website at
2. Background: Braking performance is critical for all aircraft, especially on wet
runway surfaces. For military aircraft carrying ordnance, it is even more critical.
Presently the Navy uses ref (a) for its basic runway skid resistance evaluation
program. This document is outdated (December 1981) and utilizes a method in which
the runway pavement is flooded to simulate a rainfall event. Modern equipment used
to determine frictional response employees a self watering system, which applies a
predetermined amount of water in front of the measuring wheel. Public Law 104-
113, the national Technology Transfer Act of 1995, requires the Navy to adopt
voluntary consensus standards whenever possible. In adherence to this public law
and in recognition of the applicability of this criteria to the Navy's pavements, ref (b)
has been adopted.
3. Discussion: The FAA is recognized as a leader in the development of frictional
response criteria and is heavily involved in the evaluation and approval of new
equipment and products for use on airfield pavements. The FAA in conjunction with
other DOD activities has recently sponsored a thorough evaluation of runway skid
resistance measurement procedures and equipment commercially available. The FAA
continues to monitor and test new equipment and products for use on airfield


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