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Maintaining High Skid-Resistance
In the past, skid resistance evaluations on a four-year cycle were used in determining
when skid resistance of the pavement structure was approaching minimal values.
Funding shortfalls prohibit the continuation of this practice. However, the most prevalent
forms of hydroplaning potential for naval airfields occur in areas where rubber has built
up or where ponding of water exists. Unfortunately, these evaluations provide little
assistance in locating and evaluating these areas.
1. The airfield operator or manager should undertake a program to locate and assess
hydroplaning potential for areas, which hold water after a rainfall. Those areas that
present a hazard to landing aircraft should be repaired as soon as possible.
2. The airfield operator or manager should continually monitor the presence of rubber
build up in the touch-down areas. Removal of rubber shall be at his discretion. Ref (b)
discusses several methods for removing contaminants. All of these methods are
acceptable provided they do not present an environmental concern nor damage the
pavement surface. Also, the NAVFAC pavement evaluation teams will visually monitor
the presence of rubber build up when periodic pavement evaluation surveys are
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