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Defense Intelligence Agency
DIAM 50-3
(FOUO) Physical Security of Special
Compartmented Information Facilities (U)
Federal Communications Commission
FCC Reg Part 15 Subpart J
Rules and Regulations, Radio Frequency
Devices; Computing Devices
National Bureau of Standards
Guideline on Electrical Power for ADP
2.2  Other publications.  The following document (s) form a part of this
handbook to the extent specified herein.  Unless otherwise specified, the
issue of the documents which are DoD adopted shall be those listed in the
issue of the DODISS specified in the solicitation.  The issues of documents
which have not been adopted shall be those in effect on the date of the cited
National Fire Prevention Association
NFPA No. 70-19XX
National Electrical Code (NEC)
NFPA No. 78-19XX


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