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MIL-HDBK-232A  Technical system.  The technical system is provided to power
equipment associated with the mission.  This includes any lighting and
environmental equipment essential to system operation.  If nonTEMPEST
equipment is used as RED processors, the technical power should be divided
into RED and BLACK power.  RED power may be created by installing RFI/EMI
filters on the power lines serving RED equipment, or by the use of dedicated
4.2.3  Filtering. Filtering is a well established method of containing
compromising conducted emanations.  The methods of accomplishing this
containment are as varied as the equipment being supported.  The designer
must consider the equipment in order to determine the facility requirement.
All equipment which processes classified information should be filtered
within the equipment enclosure.  This allows the filter to be designed
specifically to the parameters and characteristics of the equipment.  If this
has been accomplished, no other power filtering is required.  If RED
processing equipment does not contain filters and cannot be retrofitted to
include filters, then filtered power panels are indicated.  The service lines
feeding the panel (each phase and neutral) must be provided with an
appropriate size filter.  BLACK processing equipment or utility equipment
should not be powered from filtered panels.  Where an entire facility has
been provided with filtered power, BLACK equipment should not be terminated
on the same panel as RED equipment.
4.2.4  Power panels.  Other than the requirements of the NEC and local
building codes, no special treatments of power panels are required.  Within
the limited exclusion area (LEA), panels serving RED equipment should be
located within the RED equipment area (REA) and panels serving BLACK
equipment should be located within the BLACK equipment area (BEA).  In the
REA, TEMPEST may indicate that RED panels should be RFI tight.
4.2.5  Ducting.  All power distribution should be in metallic conduit,
ducting, or wire way.  This reduces the likelihood of magnetic fields from
power interfering with equipment, and creates an electromagnetic (EM) barrier
to stop free space radiation from coupling onto the power lines.
4.3  General guidance for equipment.  For the purpose of this handbook,
equipment will be divided into three general categories:
BLACK equipment, which can be located in a BEA, a controlled BLACK
equipment area (CBEA), or a controlled access area (CAA).
Hybrid equipment, which by necessity, will be located in an REA.
Hybrid equipment may have RED and BLACK inputs and outputs.
RED equipment, which by definition, will be located in an REA.
3 depicts the complexity which can exist in a facility.
4.3.1  RED equipment.  RED equipment is any equipment which processes
classified information before encryption and after decryption, and should
therefore be TEMPEST and physically protected.  With the advent of
computerized data processors, video processors, electronic message
processors, and a host of other electronic information processing equipment,
a traditional description of RED equipment no longer exists.  RED equipment
can be any type of device which can accept classified information by human
input or from another RED device and perform some type of processing on that
information.  Certain procurements require the use of nondevelopmental items
(commonly referred to as "commercially-available-off-the-shelf", Or "brand


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