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5.1  RED/BLACK system design.  RED/BLACK system design begins with definition
of areas, barriers, risks, and system functions.  Paragraphs 5.1.1 through define such issues.  The designer should consult with the cognizant
security authority and the cognizant TEMPEST authority during this phase of
the design to ensure compliance with current directives.
5.1.1  Physical and electromagnetic (EM) barriers.  The central requirement
for a RED/ BLACK system design is the security of the information processed
and of the facility assets, both personnel and equipment.  Achieving this
security requires that barriers of an appropriate design to erected to
prevent the escape of information, injury to personnel, and damage or
destruction to the equipment or facility.  These barriers are of two types:
physical and electromagnetic.  Physical barriers.  The facility must have at least one physical
barrier at the perimeter.  It may require internal physical barriers to limit
access within the limited exclusion areas (LEAs) (see 5.7).  Physical
barriers must be designed to serve three purposes.  First, protect the
facility assets from physical harm.  Second, prevent covert physical access
to any classified information contained within the facility.  Third, ensure
that the EM barriers are not compromised (i.e., that the earth electrodes in
the grounding system are not degraded or tapped, or that pickup devices are
not introduced within the volume protected by the EM barrier).
EM barriers.  EM barrier functions.  Within a RED/BLACK facility, EM barriers
exist to contain or exclude two EM hazards.  The barriers must contain any
compromising emanations produced by the information processing equipment, and
exclude any external EM disturbances, whether natural (e.g., lightning) or
man-made (e.g., EMP/HEMP).  EM barriers designed using this handbook will
serve these functions because these functions are interrelated.  EM barrier components.  The EM barrier of a facility consists of a
perimeter barrier and several internal barriers.  The barriers exist to
isolate RED power and signals from BLACK power and signals, and to reduce the
ambient level of EM transients and noise to a level tolerable within
equipment.  Perimeter EM barrier.
A perimeter EM barrier is made up of the
following components:
Facility entrance plate.
Power entry.
Utility entrance.
Signal entry.
Facility ground system.
Earth electrode subsystem.


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