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5.4.4  Cable distribution.  Cable distribution engineering and installation
should be done in a sequence from the terminal equipment outward to the
egress of the LEA.  This method assures all required lines are in place,
RED/BLACK boundaries are maintained, and all lines are accounted for and
properly treated.  Cabling is classed in three groups: cables between
equipment in the RED area, cables from RED equipment to COMSEC devices, and
BLACK cables.  Routing.  Where signal cables have at least one overall shield,
cable ladders and trays may be used to route cables.  Where unshielded cables
are used, totally enclosed ducts, wire ways, and conduits are required.  The
use of unshielded cable should be avoided.  Where positive barriers between
RED and BLACK runs are deemed necessary, and extra physical protection is
required, totally enclosed ducts, wire ways, and conduits are appropriate.
Where RED and BLACK race ways must run parallel or cross, race ways will be
separated per table 1.  RED and BLACK cables are never run in the same wire
ways, conduits, ducts, or cable ladders.  RED and BLACK signals will not be


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