Quantcast Limited Exclusion Area (LEA).

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MIL-HDBK-232A  Controlled space, (CS).  The CS is the three-dimensional space
surrounding facilities that process classified information within which
unauthorized or uncleared personnel are (a) denied unrestricted access, (b)
escorted by authorized personnel, or (c) under continual physical or
electronic surveillance. (CS was previously known as the physical control
zone.)  Typically, it is established by a physical perimeter barrier, such as
a fence or wall, around a facility.  It should be established so that the
entire space is under constant surveillance.  For facilities occupying a
small area within an existing building or a ship, the CS may end at the walls
of the room or space, unless the local authority can establish control on the
rooms and spaces surrounding tile area.  It Is represented as the entire
pyramid.  Limited exclusion area (LEA).  The LEA is that room or area to which
security controls have been applied to provide protection to RED information
processing systems, equipment, and wire lines equivalent to that required for
the information contained therein.  In such areas, access by unauthorized or
uncleared personnel is stringently denied.  Within an LEA is a BEA and an
REA.  The LEA is represented by all the space within the pyramid.  BLACK equipment area (BEA).  The BEA is that portion of a facility
which contains equipment that interfaces the information mission equipment to
an external transmission media after appropriate encryption safeguards have
been applied.  This area normally contains patch and test equipment and
communications equipment.  It is represented as the lower portion of the


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