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6.1  Intended use.  The purpose of this handbook is to provide basic guidance
to engineers and installers of military departments and agencies in the
design and installation of systems and facilities which accept, store,
retrieve, manipulate, graph, archives integrate, and communicate classified
information.  When selectively applied, its principles support RED/BLACK and
TEMPEST programs of the military departments to reduce the risk of
clandestine exploitation of classified defense information.  Its principles
may also be applied to lesser degrees to systems processing unclassified
information which may be sensitive due to provisions of public law.
Subject term (key word listing).
Electronic security
Grounding, bonding, and shielding
Physical security
RED/BLACK concept
6.3  Changes from previous issue.  This revision correlates to the previous
issue in concept only.  The content has been subjected to extensive change
and reorganization to reflect emerging technology.  Of particular note,
however, is the change in philosophy for grounding systems.  The previous
issue used a single-point grounding scheme that was adequate for the
technology that existed.  That scheme is no longer appropriate.  For those
situations where the user must interface to an existing single-point ground
system, consult the guidance in MIL-HDBK-419, Grounding, Bonding, and
Shielding for Electronic Equipments and Facilities.


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