Quantcast Administrative telephones and intercom systems

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80.  Administrative telephones and intercom systems.  Administrative
telephones and intercom systems should be installed a minimum of 3 feet (0.9
m) from RED equipment.  These systems should be tested to determine emanation
characteristics and should be equipped with isolation devices that prevent
electromagnetic (EM) coupling of RED signals to the administrative lines.
Nonsecure telephones should be equipped with electronic disconnect devices or
optic isolators and nonradiating ringers.  Extreme caution must be exercised
to ensure that acoustic coupling of classified information does not occur.
Intercoms which operate between RED shelters should be interconnected with
fiber optic cables (FOCS) when possible.  If FOCs are not available, shielded
cable should he used.  The shields should be grounded at both ends.  Filters
should be installed in the line to prevent EM coupling of RED signals to the


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