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20.5  Grounding and bonding.  The previously described principles arc of
little or no consequence if proper grounding and bonding techniques have not
been used.  The goal of all grounding and bonding techniques is to redirect
the EMP into the earth.  Thus, an effective earth electrode subsystem  (EESS)
is required, with positive bonds to the shield, positive bonds between
elements of the shield, and protective components coupled to the shields.
Guidance for grounding and bonding is given in MIL-HDBK.419.
30.  TEMPEST considerations.  One might conclude that the guidelines for EMP
and TEMPEST are  the same.  Where EMP protection has been applied, a benign
TEMPEST environment external to a facility may exist.  Within the facility,
however, a hostile TEMPEST environment may exist if proper attention has not
been given to TEMPEST principles.  One may also be led to consider a TEMPEST
facility to be immune from EMP.  While the facility may be TEMPEST safe, it
may be vulnerable to the magnitude of the EMP.  The design of such facilities
should account first for TEMPEST protection, then EMP protection.  In this
manner, those attributes which are mutually satisfactory may be successfully
integrated.  Where conflicts exist, tradeoff's ran be identified, thus
achieving the most cost effective design.


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